Textcube 1.5.3 released

Category : Updates/Stable releases
Reg Date : 2007/09/25 23:34
Textcube 1.5.3 : Adamantine has been released.


This update is mandatory for those who use 1.5.x version.
In order to upgrade from 1.5, 1.5.1, 1.5.2 to 1.5.3, simply download the update files and upload to the server for the overriding. 

In this update,
  • 17 bugs has been fixed since 1.5.2 along with some of the features that users have been requested.
  • http://www.textcube.org has been opened.  
For more information on updates please read doc/changes_en file.

doc/changes_ko 에 포함된 변경사항 기록입니다...

Download Link 
Regular Pack (.tar.gz) / (.zip)
Extension Pack (.tar.gz) / (.zip)
2007/09/25 23:34 2007/09/25 23:34

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Textcube 1.5.2 released

Category : Updates
Reg Date : 2007/08/31 03:08
Textcube LogoYes, it has been updated.  Textcube 1.5.2 is released!  

This update is not for everyone.  If you are not using Mac OS X or Safari browser, you do not have to update new version.

1.5.2 will
- able users to use WYSIWYG editor in Safari 3.x
- able frontpage-preview plugin to run in server environment where gd is not installed.

If you are upgrading from 1.5 or 1.5.1, you can just overwrite the old files without any hassle.  But as always, backup your files and database.


Regular Pack (.tar.gz) / (.zip)
Extension Pack (.tar.gz) / (.zip)
2007/08/31 03:08 2007/08/31 03:08

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Category : Updates
Reg Date : 2007/08/29 02:26

Textcube 1.5 is here!

It's fast, it's new, it's elegant, it's the communication.

Download 1.5.1 with 50+ bug fixes
Regular Pack (.tar.gz) / (.zip)
Extension Pack  (.tar.gz) / (.zip) 

Minimum requirements

Apache 1.3 or above
With mod_rewrite module
PHP 4.3 or above
MySQL 3.23 or above
With UTF-8 emulation routine in Textcube

- Suggested environment

Apache 2.2 or above
With mode_rewrite module
PHP 5.1 or above
with iconv / gd module
MySQL 5.0 or above

- For massive service or heavy load

APC (Alternative PHP Cache) pecl package with PHP PEAR
fastCGI module with Apache2 (need to modify config.php. referer 'config' in DOC directory.)
innoDB with Entries / Tags / TagRelations table.

+ More information will be updated soon.
2007/08/29 02:26 2007/08/29 02:26

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Category : Updates/Release Candidates
Reg Date : 2007/08/14 05:51

TEXTCUBE 1.5 RC1 has been released. For the schedules and the updates visit Milestone.


About Upgrade

Textcube1.5 may look similar to TatterTools1.1 but much of changes have been made internally with DB structures, functions, and codes. This would mean once you upgrade to Textcube you cannot downgrade back to TatterTools 1.x.

About Template Feature

Users can set a template of any posts that would change its layouts or even looks to a certain format. Choosing a template is as simple as choosing an option from the post information setting.

Template import and export feature will be added in later versions.

About skin customization

Several tags have been added in Textcube1.5

- metapage Part
Now users can add their own meta information page which can be specialized as prologue, introduction and more.
*<s_meta> : meta page area
*<s_metapage> : actual meta page loop

    <div class="metapage">

- 404 error page

Finally users can customize 404 error page. Anything between <s_page_error> and </s_page_error> will be shown as 404 error page.

- Customize Title bar
A title of a page can be customized; Be free from '::' mark. 

<title>[##_title_##] <s_page_title> :: [##_page_post_title_##]</s_page_title></title>

- Trackback Search Result

These [##_tblist_conform_##], [##_tblist_count_##], <s_tblist>, <s_tblist_rep>, [##_tblist_rep_regdate_##], [##_tblist_rep_link_##], [##_tblist_rep_subject_##], ##_tblist_rep_body_##] are used for the trackback search result page.

    <div class="searchTblist">
        <h3>Trackback for '[##_tblist_conform_##]' - [##_tblist_count_##]</h3>
            <span class="date">[##_tblist_rep_regdate_##]</span>
            <span class="name"><a href="[##_tblist_rep_link_##]">[##_tblist_rep_subject_##]</a></span>
            <div class="contents">[##_tblist_rep_body_##]</div>

About Plugin creation and usage

In order to use 1.1 plugins please change these calls misc::getUserSetting / misc::setUserSetting to misc::getBlogSetting / misc::setBlogSetting and don’t forget to indicate the latest version of the tool in index.xml


Please note that ‘$owner’ is no longer supported.  $owner must be used through getBlogId() which refers to blog id.


As much as we need feedbacks for Textcube1.5, we appreciate your interests and your sincere support. Please use the bug report forum for the bugs/sources feedbacks and email to dev_at_tattersite.com for any source changes and development along with any access permission to the sandbox.


We will update 'po' the localization file when the language resources are stabilized around beta 2 or beta 3.
It has been updated since beta2. If any user would like to participate in finishing the po file, please edit XX-XX.php file where XX refers to the country code.


Please download and enjoy
2007/08/14 05:51 2007/08/14 05:51

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Announcing Tattertools 1.1.3 test version

Category : Updates/Test versions
Reg Date : 2007/05/30 02:03
The 'last' version of TatterTools 1.1.3: Transition(temporary code name) has been released.

We have fixed several bugs and also updated some features as we were developing Textcube 1.5.

Following bugs have been fixed
* Not following the settings of index.xml when 'Archieve' page was called out.
* Automatic loading without checking the existance of the sidebar plugin at the data restoration.
* File excution error when a file was directly opened from the cache folder by Internet Explorer
* Unexpected warning by the unused handler from the sidebar setting page.
* Incorrect initial database output when feed counter was executed.
* Possible incorrect feed image because of relative addresses being used.
*Call-time pass-by-reference warning.

Following functions have been adjusted.
* Search results of the Comment Notifier will be sorted by time.
* The Spam filter will be cleared once a day for the speed optimization.

Please delete any Feed Analyzing plugin from the 'Table setting' in 'Plugin' menu for 1.1.3

Tattertools 1.1.3 will not be using 'optimizer'.  Future versions will be released only by the source code.

Please download 1.1.3 text version from here.
2007/05/30 02:03 2007/05/30 02:03

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Announcing Second Tattercamp (KAIST, 26.May,2007)

Category : ETC/TNF
Reg Date : 2007/05/20 15:08
We are please to announce the second official TatterCamp which will be held on May 26th 2007 at KAIST Daejeon Campus.

Name: TatterCamp
Host: TNF
Sponsor: TNC, KAIST
Date: Saturday, May 26, 2007 @ 2pm ~ 6pm
Location: Ohsangsoo Multimedia Lecture Room on the 4th floor of Computer Science Dept. Building at KAIST Daejeon Campus

※ The schedule is subject to change

2:00pm – 2:30pm Registration and Ice-breaker
2:30pm – 3:30pm First Session
3:30pm – 3:50pm Intermission
3:50pm – 4:50pm Second Session
4:50pm – 5:30pm Open Discussion
5:30pm – 6:00pm Closing

Please leave a comment on the TatterCamp blog post if you are planning to give a presentation or simply attending the camp.  Any suggestions or any presentation files can be sent to camp@tattercamp.org  We do provide a projector and Laptop/Desktop PC for presentations but we recommend presenters to bring their own.

We will announce the speakers after the registration.  Please register ASAP.

Due to the limited parking spaces, please use public transportations.

Please share the camp images, videos and podcasts through this blog by emailing to camp@tattercamp.org or by using trackbacks.  And the photos will be uploaded to our TatterCamp Gallery.

2007/05/20 15:08 2007/05/20 15:08

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Textcube 1.5 alpha 3 released

Category : Updates/Test versions
Reg Date : 2007/05/17 14:58

We are officially releasing the third alpha version of Textcube. Future alpha versions will be released on a weekly bases until we reach the beta stage.

In accordance of the released documents on April 14 2007, the name TatterTools represents the service and the programs that assure the rights of the ttxml backup data use and ownership by the users

Needlworks will be in charge of development and release of the core program called Project S2 for the former self-hosted blogging tool TatterTools.  The official name of the Project S2 is Textcube.

Summary:  TNC/TNF TatterTools  -> Needlworks/TNF Textcube

- This version of the program can be used in only for the testing purpose.
- Be aware that there is a possibility of  plugin incompatibility.
- Installed Editor is a HTML raw editor.  User will have to set the WYSIWYG editor module and TTML pharser module option to 'USE' from Plugin module category in order to use WYSIWYG editor or to read WYSIWYG.

Click this link to download

Please leave feedback in "Bug report and Quality Assurance" in our english forum.

Changelog translation will be supported by next alpha release.
2007/05/17 14:58 2007/05/17 14:58

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Category : No category
Reg Date : 2007/03/02 21:08
Notice weblog test for English support.
2007/03/02 21:08 2007/03/02 21:08

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