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Textcube 1.5.3 released

Category : Updates/Stable releases
Reg Date : 2007/09/25 23:34
Textcube 1.5.3 : Adamantine has been released.


This update is mandatory for those who use 1.5.x version.
In order to upgrade from 1.5, 1.5.1, 1.5.2 to 1.5.3, simply download the update files and upload to the server for the overriding. 

In this update,
  • 17 bugs has been fixed since 1.5.2 along with some of the features that users have been requested.
  • http://www.textcube.org has been opened.  
For more information on updates please read doc/changes_en file.

doc/changes_ko 에 포함된 변경사항 기록입니다...

Download Link 
Regular Pack (.tar.gz) / (.zip)
Extension Pack (.tar.gz) / (.zip)
2007/09/25 23:34 2007/09/25 23:34

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