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Announcing Tattertools 1.1.3 test version

Category : Updates/Test versions
Reg Date : 2007/05/30 02:03
The 'last' version of TatterTools 1.1.3: Transition(temporary code name) has been released.

We have fixed several bugs and also updated some features as we were developing Textcube 1.5.

Following bugs have been fixed
* Not following the settings of index.xml when 'Archieve' page was called out.
* Automatic loading without checking the existance of the sidebar plugin at the data restoration.
* File excution error when a file was directly opened from the cache folder by Internet Explorer
* Unexpected warning by the unused handler from the sidebar setting page.
* Incorrect initial database output when feed counter was executed.
* Possible incorrect feed image because of relative addresses being used.
*Call-time pass-by-reference warning.

Following functions have been adjusted.
* Search results of the Comment Notifier will be sorted by time.
* The Spam filter will be cleared once a day for the speed optimization.

Please delete any Feed Analyzing plugin from the 'Table setting' in 'Plugin' menu for 1.1.3

Tattertools 1.1.3 will not be using 'optimizer'.  Future versions will be released only by the source code.

Please download 1.1.3 text version from here.
2007/05/30 02:03 2007/05/30 02:03

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