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Textcube 1.5 alpha 3 released

Category : Updates/Test versions
Reg Date : 2007/05/17 14:58

We are officially releasing the third alpha version of Textcube. Future alpha versions will be released on a weekly bases until we reach the beta stage.

In accordance of the released documents on April 14 2007, the name TatterTools represents the service and the programs that assure the rights of the ttxml backup data use and ownership by the users

Needlworks will be in charge of development and release of the core program called Project S2 for the former self-hosted blogging tool TatterTools.  The official name of the Project S2 is Textcube.

Summary:  TNC/TNF TatterTools  -> Needlworks/TNF Textcube

- This version of the program can be used in only for the testing purpose.
- Be aware that there is a possibility of  plugin incompatibility.
- Installed Editor is a HTML raw editor.  User will have to set the WYSIWYG editor module and TTML pharser module option to 'USE' from Plugin module category in order to use WYSIWYG editor or to read WYSIWYG.

Click this link to download

Please leave feedback in "Bug report and Quality Assurance" in our english forum.

Changelog translation will be supported by next alpha release.
2007/05/17 14:58 2007/05/17 14:58

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